M/s Ruchira Papers Ltd. is located at Kala Amb, District Sirmour in Himachal Pradesh. Presently, the installed capacity of company is 52800 TPA for manufacturing of Kraft Paper and 33000 TPA for manufacturing of Writing & Printing Paper from agro-residue and waste paper.

Proposed expansion is being implemented to produce 52800 TPA writing and printing paper from agro residue pulp, concept of expansion project includes.

New paper machine

  • Chemical pulp street
  • Waste paper / purchased pulp street
  • Chemical Recovery plant
  • Co –generation plant

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Environmental issues are the major concern for survival of the any pulp and paper industry. Any expansion or green field project must be based on environmental friendly technologies. In present market where awareness towards the environmental protection is increasing day by day, viability of any environmental friendly concept is more.

Our Writing & Printing Plant is also based on environmental friendly concept, care has been taken in every section to eliminate /reduce the pollution at generation points itself. Chemical recovery System takes care of black liquor from both the pulp mills (existing as well as new one).
This plant  reduced the total pollution load in comparison to those, which are without chemical recovery plant. Apart from remarkable reduction in pollution load, conventional recovery system reduces the cost of production by about Rs. 1500 – 2000 per tone of paper.

In bleaching section, bleaching sequence is C/D1, - E (O) – D2. In this sequence elementary chlorine is  reduced by about 70%. Chlorine di oxide (D), which is a good bleaching agent replaces elementary chlorine (C). Oxygen (O) at extraction stage (E)  further makes positive impact. These two modified technologies  reduce AOX level by about 70 – 80% in bleach plant effluent. Paper brightness is more than 85 ISO which  gives  some premium value in sale realization of paper.
In integrated pulp and paper industry, black liquor and bleach plant effluent are two major constituents of total effluent. In our Wrinting & Printing Unit chemical recovery plant and modified bleaching technology  take care of these two streams. Apart from this, a full fledged effluent treatment plant has been installed to treat the other streams of effluent from the mill. Proper arrangement has been made to achieve maximum recycling of process water which  reduced  fresh water consumption and generation of total quantity of effluent.

Dust and unburnt Carbon emission has been taken care by  installation of suitable Dust Collector venturi Scrubber and Electro Static Precipitator.

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